Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Lost: Season 2

I just picked up Lost: Season 2 on DVD. There are 2 shows that I watch on TV; one is "24" and the other is "Lost". But after watching season 1 last year, Lost took my #1 spot for best show. I quickly became a fan. This has to be the best, most innovative show on TV.

I plan on getting a Tivo finally, just to record season 3. I saw season 1 on dvd, because I just don't have time to sit down and watch TV on weeknights.

One of the things I like about Lost is it's philosophical element. "Everything Happens for a Reason". There are so many references to faith, God, and religion. I don't know anything about it's writer or creative team. Maybe they're just jumping on "The Passion"/Narnia box office bandwagon; I don't know. But the show is definitely fun.

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