Thursday, September 07, 2006

Building code violations at Emergent Church Manor

Calvary Chapel tells it like it is (for the most part) on the Emergent Church movement.

The emergent church in South Florida is like a Roast Beef Au Jus in Havana -- ain't seen one yet. Sure there are a few guys out there in Dade and Broward who - much like the emo-goth kids on Southpark are anti-establishment - are anti-denominational and perform their postmodern deconstruction of the church with no real solutions. But there are some advantages to being "the last to know" here in South Florida, when it comes to the emergent movement.

Deconstruction is a wonderful thing, because you get to be the guy who comes in and points out what everyone else is doing wrong. The problem is, in the words of Mark Driscoll, "...deconstruction is easier than construction, and deconstruction without a rebuilding plan leads to homelessness."

The "rebuilding" the emergent movement has done is turning out to be some pretty shabby construction (i.e. - looking for answers in labyrinth walking, candles, and cool hair-styles). Sure they've evolved and refined their conversation over the years, but they seem to have been in flux so long that the results are questionable at best.

I'm with the "Emergents" on their critiques. Hopefully, as the thinking of the emergent church spreads to South Florida, we can take the valid points of their deconstruction and learn from their building mistakes.

Here's the link to what Calvary Chapel had to say about the Emergent Church.


Jose said...

genius mark...genius

Rick said...

Hmmm... Mark are you trying to make us think or something? Hey what's wrong with Dan Kimball's hair tint? I like it. I goes great with my bright yellow 'vintage' rug. Kidding aside we should consider a few things: 1.Very true,haven't seen the 'emerging' in Miami yet! Its like this hurricane season, its coming, coming but no show yet! 2.Show me a church that gets it 'right' in Miami...
3.The churches in this town are still trying to figure out 'modernism'. By the time that 'post' comes along or the 'emerging' our city/culture is going to be in the next thing! Someone has to get with the program...maybe it's the 'GasCard' congregants after all, or the 'Free-Starbucks' congregants... What's next? Free 'Pan Con Bistec' Church??
Our city is very 'Interesting' to say the least...we even have 'Jesus' in town now!

Love & Peace or Else!

Marquito said...

Rick, you kill me (pan con bistec).

That's the point. I don't know what it is (maybe our geographical location), but South Florida is always 2 steps behind in church movements. Sometimes that's a good thing, but other times it hurts us.