Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I'll try to behave, but...

I just wanted to pass some information along.

This is a church in Miami. My sister, who lives in the general area of the church, sent me an email. She received a "brochure" from this church. The guy you see in the photo is the pastor, but, from what little I know, he does not preach at this location in Miami. The service is televised via sattelite every Sunday to different locations from Texas to Miami.

Back to the brochure.

My sister says the brochure had a "tear off stub that you fill out with your name, address, etc... and when you take it to church on your first visit, they give you a free $5.00 gas card."

Okay... I'm containing myself. Deep breath; happy thoughts.

Good. I think I'm okay. Now, please share your thoughts on the subject.

One more thing: Since posting this I read up on "the guy" in the photo, and the church. Please note that I do know his name, and decided not to post it, because this is not about him. While I definitely have my opinions on this issue, my intent here is not to bash this church; everyone has a right to worship where and how they will. I just want to hear what you (the reader) thinks on the subject.


Anonymous said...

$5.00, how much gas can you get for $5.00? Let's see at $2.80 average per gallon that works out to 1.8 gallons. Most people in Kendall drive large gas guzziling SUVS that get about 12-15 miles per gallon. So that's about 26 miles on the five bucks. That's very considerate of Fellowship Church Miami, I could just about make to the church and back home on that $5.00. Do you think they could send a bus to pick me up to my house? That would be more convinient.

Anonymous said...

Is that a real picture of Ed Young or projected life size image of a picture of Ed Young?

Anonymous said...

First of all let me say... 'Can't We All Just Get Along'? C'mon lets cut the guy a break. I know the guy dresses kind of funky for his age, but he's got the right style. Much better than Benny Hinn's suites, or Tim LaHaye's goodwill pants, or Jan & Paul Crouch's hair styles. Second, I'd go if they give me at least [2] Gas cards. I live kind of far from 'FC'.

Love & Peace!

- Rick

Marquito said...

Anonymous, the Jesus bus is on the way to take you to the Salvation Station (but we'll have to take back the gas card offer.)

Rick, Tim LaHaye's goodwill pants (LOL).

Josh said...

If that church really wanted to bring in the crowd they should think about giving away hats and foam fingers that cheer on "Team Jesus"