Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Too Much... Too Soon?

I'm having a Josh moment. The mornings are pretty bad.

I just went to his myspace page. Like me, Josh didn't do a whole lot with his myspace. But he did set it up, added some friends, and checked it out every once in a while.

The title he gave his myspace was "too much... too soon?" I never asked him what that meant (I didn't know if that was appropriate hetero myspace behavior). I don't think it was meant in a negative conotation, ala this is too much for me to handle too young in my life. Maybe he meant too much to think about, way early in my life. Too much wisdom to ponder. Too much knowledge to impart. Too much understanding of life, love and grace, too early in my life.

I'm still not comfortable with myspace. I'm also not comfortable leaving a message for someone who can't respond. I'm not knocking those who did; I just can't do it. I want a response.

Josh has once again challenged me. This time, he has challenged me to think about eternity, and how it begins here on earth.

Or does it have a beginning? If it's eternal; if we are eternal, then is there a beginning?

There certainly is no end. Josh is alive. I can't speak of him in past tense terms. It's not denial or a psychological trigger meant to bring comfort. It's a fact. It's just true.

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