Friday, March 30, 2007

Chocolate Jesus

Okay, if Matt Stone and Trey Parker aren't busy working up a script for next weeks South Park on this one, they're missing the boat.

Cosimo Cavallaro, a Canadian (Matt, Trey... c'mon!!) "artist" has designed a chocoloate sculpture in the image of what he considers to be Jesus. It's 6' tall, hung as if on a cross, and is naked with all genitalia on display. The Roman Catholic church is in an uproar. I have one thing to say to my Catholic brothers; go ahead and protest, but keep away from this Cavallaro guy. If there's anything to that whole God's wrath with lightning thing, this guy's a prime candidate to become a little pile of black ash on a New York sidewalk.

Briefly, I Googled this "artist" and came across his website. Here are a few of the artistic pieces this guy has done:

"Cheese" - one of his most inspired pieces. An armchair covered in Cheez-Whiz.

"Fish" - a piece obviously inspired by Akroyd's "Bass-o-matic '76". A white porcelain toilet, with pureed goldfish inside.

'Kiddie" - a child-size coffin installed on one of those machines outside supermarkets where children usually ride a horse for a quarter. On this one, you can have your child, post-mortem, ride through the funeral service before being interred; as long as the mourners keep popping in quarters.

"Shit" - Another favorite. 3 turds (probably Cosimo's) shaped to form the acronym "V.I.P."

"Burning Piano" - On this one Cosimo really went to uncharted territories of art. He set a baby grand piano on fire. Outdoors. On a snowy plain. It's a video clip. Utter genius.

Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights had this to say:

"It's an all-out war on Christianity. They wouldn't show a depiction of Martin Luther King Jr. with genitals exposed on Martin Luther King Day, and they wouldn't show Muhammed depicted this way during Ramadan. It's always Christians, and the timing is deliberate."

I agree. It is deliberate. My opinion; people like Cosimo hate beauty. He hates God, because God loves beauty. He hates art because God loves beautiful artistic expression.

And no, we would not see an image of Muhammed this way, or at all for that matter. Just ask the South Park guys.

I just wanted to put things into perspective. Consider the hands that sculpted this 6' statue of Jesus. They seem to be the hands of a sad, bitter and slighty derranged man.

Life imitates "art"; and chocolate melts.


Anonymous said...

where's the picture of the chocolate bar Jesus? BP

W Sofield said...

Terrific post. Thanks for the info and the analysis. Both are helpful.

Anonymous said...

If you recall, South Park DID show Mohammed in the Super Best Friends episode where Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Joseph Smith and Mohammed team up to keep the Blaintologists from committing mass suicide. BTW there is an awesome episode of Mr. Show where some "activist artist" tries to shit on an american flag in public, but he's constipated.