Thursday, November 30, 2006

My Awesome Niece

Consider this a brief intermission between my thoughts on Jesus entries. My niece Elsy, who just got married and is living in Pennsylvania (which, in case you don't know is WAY different from living in Miami) sent out an e-mail to give us an update on being newly-wed, being Cubanita living among "Americanos" (wonderful "Americanos" by the way), and missing our family.

This is a quote on finding a church to worship in from that e-mail:

"We are looking for a church right now. I miss worship. I miss it very much. Jeff and I are so starving for christian fellowship right now that if we walk into a church on sunday and people are up there banging trash cans and plucking a jaw harp singing phil collins songs with christian lyrics...we would stay. Thats how desperate we are right now for some church."

I love it. Classic Elsy.



Anonymous said...

There is a fantastic church in Philly called Liberti (PCA/Acts 29 hybrid).
if there aren't in philly tell them that they are pretty much screwed. just kidding.

Fayola said...

a jaw harp. ha ha! funny :)
(still laughing)