Sunday, November 12, 2006

Inspirational Song #6 - Poor Old Lu

One of my favorite "new"groups of the 90's came out of Washington State, and were a couple of high school kids when they got their start. Poor Old Lu, named after a line taken from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. They emerged duing a time in rock music where every group, song, and guitar riff were put into sub-categories, so they were called a grunge band by some. I just thought they rocked, and their music was original. During this time in Christian Rock circles, the music was in a weird place as the major labels were taking a hard look at possible profits from a growing audience. Lyrical substance and musical prowess were taking a back-seat to image and marketability. In the midst of all that, Poor Old Lu was one of the few to rise to the top.

This is my favorite song off of their 1994 album, Sin.

Where Were All of You

hey you got a little something to say
i know you think it wrong
and you're gonna make the world okay
make us strong

where did you go?

want your right? rise up today
you, one and all
and the soul not so much to pay
feeling tall

where did you go?
where were all of you?

a Man can die
a child can cry
or One crucified
for you and i

a child can die
a Man can cry
and nailed on high
to give us life

where's the rights?
where's the rights?
oh, where's the rights?

have to push 'no choice' away
ya, make it small
"have to do all what we may"
you can't fall?

where did you go?
where did you go?

'Where Were All Of You' basically contrasts the world's push for defending personal rights to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, and the fact that He laid down His rights for us when He went to the Cross. His rights to a proper trial. His rights to be treated decently by his own people. His rights to be worshipped as Lord of all. Instead, He was "nailed on high to give us life", but where were all of the people screaming for rights at that time? Where were we who want our way so often? To be like Christ requires sacrifice for those who do not deserve it, love for those who are unlovable, and compassion for those who would strike out at us."

Lyrics and song commentary can be found on the website

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