Wednesday, November 22, 2006

God's Gonna Cut You Down

I just saw a music video for a new release of a Johnny Cash song, God's Gonna Cut You Down. Speaking of great Christian song-writers, Johnny Cash was the man. The video is cool, black and white, and kind of depressing. It features a bunch of famous people, who I guess are troubled by all of the fame and fortune they have. Cool people in the video include Bono, Chris Rock, Q-Tip, Dennis Hopper and a few others. But if I have to see another image of the Dixie Chicks on black and white film with mascara running down there faces, trying to draw a new audience among the underdogs and, I guess, some Country music/Goth crowd I haven't heard of yet, I'm blowing up Texas.

The song is great though. Rick Rubin is a genius.

Country Dixies

Goth Dixies (let's be dark and introspective... as we sing about our double-wide)


Anonymous said...

~ Great Video! Johnny had guts! one of a kind. Pretty ironic to have those people singing that song.

~ R. Yell-Out!

joe mama said...

when are you going to roll out the veggie tales?

peace - escape to Alcatraz