Monday, August 28, 2006

People of Miami, get your hammers and coffee ready!

Hurricane Ernesto is on the way! Aren't you excited? This is your opportunity to see what damage Ernesto does to your home, and dream about what kind of cash you can suck out of the insurance companies. Yay! Get your hammers ready to break your tile roofs, and coffee to create faux water stains on your ceilings.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, the above is taken from real-life stories. There are many more stories of fraud and deception, but I won't go into them; not only because of time, but they are so outrageous you would not believe them if I told you. Miami is a sad, sad town; with the most "ethically challenged" people the USA has ever seen.

Brace yourselves insurance companies... Ernesto is on it's way to Miami!

For those of you who have a problem with insurance rates going up, you're preaching to the choir. But the old saying applies here -- "2 wrongs don't make a right". Also, allow me an Andy Rooney moment; you ever wonder why the insurance rates in Miami are higher than other cities in Florida, even though all the cities are subject to equal threat from hurricanes???


Patty said...

breathe, Markweeto, breathe...and then get ready for the paperwork!!

Anonymous said...

Because of democrat cubanas!

Marquito said...

Patty, before you stop posting comments on my blog, The guy you're arguing with is one of my best friends, who is from Missouri, and is egging you on (in true Buford fashion).

Anonymous said...

a hurricane, great! another chance for democratic cubans to submit false claims and raise our insurance rates again...ok i know i should have said democratic latinos who love to profit from anyone who will give them free money

Patty said...

phew, good thing you said something, because I was about to open up a can of whip-ass...the blood was boiling!

Patty said...

wait...Missouri is probably red-neck, so, I should rephrase that to "whoop-ass" and probably voted for Bush...

Itsme said...

Hey Marquitos!!!Tay asustao primo?
Que onda con ustedes? , Como se ha portado el padrino Ernesto,jijiji?

Hey, tengo nuevo blog, posteame po!!!.

Un abrazo pa la Raquelita y un Happy Birthday atrasao tambien.
BEsos pa la CEcy



Itsme said...

-desconsiderado, si me gusta tu blog en ingles, pero tengo que estar mil horas traduciendo po! I'm not a bilingual girl, jijijiji.
TA bello tu blog lokato, me gusto tu avatar, es un retrato perfecto tuyo. Me alegro que no les haya pasado nada con Ernesto.
Bueno, besitos, abrazos y como dice la Cecy mordizzcos en el pescuezo pa todos en especial pa la RAqui!!!!!

_Spixx said...

Good to hear nothing happened. Say hello to tia Cecy and Raqui.

Un abrazo