Thursday, August 03, 2006


"Com' on, say it with me now... (Updated)
Update: Let's up the ante here. Allow me to add another parameter or two:
- Where's Waldo raul?
- Where's Dumbass Chavez? Why hasn't he come to Papa fidel's bedside?
- Why is the army mobilizing?
- Why is there no communication to and from the island?
Im just sayin'..."

Posted by Val Prieto at 12:54 PM Habla (70) Leenkaso (0)

I've been silent about the whole Fidel thing for 2 reasons. First, my reaction the day it hit the news that he had ceded power to Raul "I'm as gay as the cast of Queer Eye" Castro, was to turn over and go back to sleep. Why? Seen it before, read the book, saw the movie. Second, I have a life that involves working my own biz and being a husband and father; I'm busy.

Today I visited one of my favorite blogs, I met Val at Cuba Nostalgia, and bought my "CHE? STILL DEAD" t-shirt from him. These guys are awesome, and they've been keeping an eye on the situation as it develops, so for a biased yet intelligent opinion on the goings on of Castro and Cuba, I highly recommend checking out their site. (by the way, if biased means wanting Castro dead, freeing political prisoners, not arresting people and giving them 20 year sentences for selling beef from broken refrigerators, allowing free elections and letting people express themselves freely, then I guess I'm biased too).

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