Monday, November 19, 2007

Something's Going To Happen... Something Wonderful.

In 2010: The Year We Make Contact, astronaut Dave Bowman gives this, one of the most memorable quotes for me of any 80's movie. Today, this quote comes to mind as I think of this coming year.

A few posts ago, I raised some questions. I gave a rant. I was frustrated. I was annoyed.

Today, as 2008 approaches, I get a sense of coming to the crest of a roller-coaster. A feeling of the unknown is intensifying. My heart is gripped.

I've been giving an ear to God, and he is speaking quite loudly. He is using words like Grace, but pointing me to others (I've been focusing that word on myself for some time now). He's also speaking justice to me; what that word means. Also charity, dignity, courage, fearlessness. Most importantly, love.

At the crest of the roller coaster, you're paralyzed. Everything stops and all you hear is the wind, and the slowly intensifying screams.

He is speaking other words to me. Pain, discomfort, sacrifice, hurt. But always, he's speaking love.

I'm not a psychic, and Nostradamus was focusing on the wrong issues. What is on the other side of that crest is bigger than the end of the world.

On the other side of that drop, as the screams of anticipation come to an ear-splitting screech and the whole earth seems to be shaking under those rails, you find people.

In 2008, somethings going to happen; something wonderful. God is going to do a work in my life, and in my family's life. It has nothing to do with wealth, a house, a new baby, peace of mind.

God's thrills are found in love; in loving other people. In 2008, God is promising me a new perspective on what is important.


Berkeley Rican said...

could it be those things (i.e. wealth, a house, a new baby, peace of mind) + 1. the things you describe bring stability and rest. they are beautiful gifts from God, and they open you up to the things God is going to do next in your life. We re so fearful to err on the side of prosperity, that we often can find ourselves diminishing the blessings that God has given (add here: by his sheer grace, with zero contribution on by us). feel God's love for you brother, soak in it.

And for the +1: God has done amazing things in your life, and it seems He's about to do a new's awesome brother, i rejoice with you.

Anonymous said...

"Sit back, relax, and strap on your seat belt"-"Never been on a ride like this before"!!!
I feel you, I'm on the seat next to ya!!!

Anonymous said...

marquito, happy thanksgiving. I do thank God for your friendship. te quiero amigo, Jose (btw nice comments on the b.r. blog, you're crazy)

Julio Rey said...

Yo, your link to me don't work. too many of these in the URL you assigned to it: /////

What was the name of that Romero Dead movie we saw? I forgot...

Marquito said...


My apologies. Problem corrected.

I actually just went blank on the name. I'll get back to you on that. I saw previews for a new one he's coming out with now.

Julio Rey said...

El tipo no para, eh?

Julio Rey said...

Welp, I wrote you up at my place and put you in the blogroll. Land of The Dead was the movie, and I mentioned it in my post about you, complete with Amazon Associates link...