Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I met with some friends last night. For reasons I can't get into here (my friend's livelihood specifically), the specifics have to remain undisclosed. However, it had to do with church life, and the complete and utter lack of attention modern churches give to being relevant.

It's frustrating because it seems that no matter how much you talk about it, bring it to people's attention, etc... people just keep doing what they do, which usually involves putting on performances for the few church mice who attend because they feel obliged to, or because that's what they do on Sunday.

My friend Frank then sent me a video posted on GODTUBE.COM (that's a whole other story). The video was forwarded to him by his younger brother, who is about 20 years old. The video was a semi-professional production. The theme of the video was one of these "if you don't tell your friends about Jesus, they'll go to hell and it will be all your fault" story-lines. Frank's brother sent him the video clip, and called it a scare tactic. I agree.

I'm wondering...

Why is it so difficult for Christians to stop playing church games? Why are we so disconnected from reality?

Why is it so difficult for Christians to understand the gospel? When did we reduce the Bible to a book of rules and a guideline for living?

Why do we settle for mediocrity? When did we take a backseat and let culture and media lead the charge on what is art; what is beautiful?

Why are Christians not paying attention to the world around us?

Why are Christians so afraid of the world? (i.e. GODTUBE.COM)

What are Christians afraid of? Losing control? Hell? That not everybody thinks like us?

Why are Christians so concerned with growing churches? I thought Christ said to make disciples of men.

And finally, why is church so... well... cheesy; so damn irrelevant?

What the hell is wrong with us?

Are you serious? Are we still having the same old and tired conversations and debates about worship styles and music? Are we still trying to re-invent the wheel (meaning the truth of the gospel)?

I really don't blame people for not wanting to darken the doors of churches.


Julio Rey said...

You're a heretic and will be judged harshly for your eeee-vile thoughts.

Marquito said...

All part of my evil plan Julio. It's all just a part of my evil plan.

Julio Rey said...

I'll be praying for its success.