Friday, April 18, 2008

Expelled - you know, the Ben Stein documentary PRAISE GOD!!!

Soooo... I found out today that Christians all over America are 'urging' fellow parishioners to go see the new documentary, "Expelled", a Ben Stein production, in an effort to 'get the word out' and support the film. Group tickets are being sold. Church and small group leaders are telling church members to invite their 'unchristian' friends.

Support the film? Get the word out?

I don't get it. And if you read my blog, you can assume that yes, I am a Christian.

I love the premise of this film, and I'm not judging it or Ben Stein at all. I love Ben Stein (he had me at "Bueller?... Bueller...?"). He's basically investigated and uncovered something that has been known for years about Social Darwinism and, as he calls it, the "no intelligence allowed" scenario that exists in our universities, colleges, and schools.

But here's my problem (not with the film; with Christians):

SUPPORT THE FILM... what does that mean? Are Christians hoping that evolutionists everywhere will say, 'hey... maybe there's something to this movie that we should take a look at. Look at all those mid-western white evangelicals wearing "Real Men Love Jesus" t-shirts standing in line to see it.... hmmm... maybe, just maybe there's something about this movie I need to see...."? I don't get it.

GET THE WORD OUT... what does THAT mean? What word? That people prefer Social Darwinism over the idea of a creator because it allows them to SEEMINGLY be lords of their own lives? That because they want to be lord and master of their own destinies, they snub their noses at deists, Christians, or anyone else who even implies there is intelligent design? I'm sorry... don't we know that already?

So I'm going to wait for this documentary to come out on DVD. I'm really looking forward to seeing it. But the last thing I want is to pay $9.00 for a ticket to see this film in a theater, and have to hear shouts of "amen!" or "Hallelujah!" every time Richard Dawkins or one of his lemmings is nailed for saying something patently emotional and ridiculous. The image of a fat pasty red-headed woman standing up with her hands raised in the air in praise in the dark as the movie is playing because Ben Stein says 'loving God', as much as I believe it, is something I can't chance seeing.

I'm looking forward to seeing this movie... later.


Anonymous said...

Fat pasty red-headed? hmmmm... Ben Stein? hmmmm...

Marquito said...

Ben Stein is BALD and pasty. There's a difference.

Julio Rey said...

I'll probably never see the movie, but I'm glad someone has gotten up the noses of all those athiest pseudo-intellectuals.