Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Arriving At Brighton...

I just started a new scripture study. One of my Roman-Catholic friends, Robert, published a scripture compilation book a few years ago, and he wants to put it on the Internet. So, he asked me and several other friends and family to share thoughts on his notes and scripture selection.

His work is called "God's Will and the Purpose of Life", which I do believe is quite a grandiose title, but he's Cuban so he can't help it. I know his heart, however, so his motives are not self-aggrandizing at all. He has compiled this as a labor of love to give people a greater understanding of our relationship with God.

So, I might be the only Protestant in his group of critics. One of Robert's pet-peeves is he believes many Protestants are arrogant and judgemental. So, this whole being "right" thing rubs him the wrong way. I can see where he's coming from, sort of. I'm hoping however that through our time of study, we can share each perspective with the other, and grow in our understanding of God and ourselves. God knows I still have way too much to learn.

I hope to share as much as I can on my blog; like an online devotional. Right off the bat, I know my perspective will be different from his; probably completely. But what I'm finding is that the differences are not a result of his being Roman-Catholic. I'm finding already how similar his view of God mirrors that of most protestants, born-agains, evangelicals, etc... even people in my own church. Very interesting.

More to come.

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josenmiami said...

hey Marquito, awesome blog! I like the concept.

I'm also in Miami, I'm also a protestant with a lot of cool Catholic friends, and I also like cigars (los cheapos on Bird Road from Honduras) rum (Flor de caƱa on the rocks baby) and grace (I depend on it every waking moment).

Love your blog, I'll be back. I have a humor blog at

blessings and grace to you ...