Thursday, September 06, 2007


I have to step away from what I originally intended to write about (Miami). I've got to journal for a moment.

Freedom is a term that has been on my mind recently. My friend William sparked my thinking on the subject last week. What does it mean to be free?

Freedom means I am no longer a slave to my past. This means I am also no longer a slave to depression, anger, pain, resentment, doubt, competition, ego, pride, putting on a good face, trying to be something I am not, pretending everything is alright, keeping up with the "Rodriguezes" (Miami version of the Joneses), personal achievement, impressing others, etc...

I have been liberated, though not by positive mental attitude or a determination to make "it" work. I have been freed by the knowledge that I have been fully adopted as a son of God, with all the rights and privileges of a natural-born son.

I am free. The implications of that term are staggering, once you really start to understand it.

Many years ago I read a great book called "The Bondage Breaker". Now, reading through an older book called the Bible, specifically Galatians, I am understanding what true freedom actually is.

It is so much more than a right that we are to demand. It is a gift offered to us freely out of pure love.

"The lust, the flesh, the eyes and the pride of life
Drain the life right out of me." - The 77's

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W Sofield said...

Free at last
Free at last
Thank God Almighty
We are free at last!