Sunday, August 19, 2007



Miami. the Magic City. The place where I was born; back in the day.

When people north of the border (that is north of the Miami-Dade County and Broward County line) think Miami, they see... well, this guy. Others see Tony Montana blasting off an Uzi Sub-Machine Gun. And still others see... well, this guy.

This is my hometown. I can honestly say that like many of Miami's children over the years, I grew weary of my home. The reasons and excuses were many, and many of those were valid. By way of revelation, however (whether divine or self-perpetuated by a love for arroz con frijoles negros, I'm not sure), I am slowly finding myself falling in love with my hometown.

Anyone who has known me for the past 10 years would say to that, 'Err... What?', but yes it's true. I love Miami.

This is what's on my mind now, so as my English friend Randolph says, "Brace yourself b_____'s!" Here comes a new series of thoughts -- only I could care about of course -- on Miami.

Miami Beach is where neon goes to die. - Lenny Bruce

Man, I can dig tropical, but this is out of bounds. - "Rico" Tubbs on Miami Vice


Berkeley Rican said...

don't do it mark, you are going to screw up all the therapy and electric shocks treatments i just endured to kill the love i had for miami...please my only other option is a lobotomy. then you'll call me and i won't know who you are.

Marquito said...

I'll be gentle.

Anonymous said...

I would take BerkeleyRican’s advice… Don’t do it Cubanaso… otherwise I’ll have to contact the ‘Mala-Noche’ – CSI Miami’s premier Mafia!!! – Then you’ll be in trouble!
"New mafia, my a_ _!"
-- Ryan Wolfe-CSI's Detective.

- Y-O!