Sunday, January 07, 2007

URGE! (awwww yeaaahhh!)

Two entries today. Let's start with Urge.

Have you checked this out yet? It's the new "Itunes" for people who enjoy a more PC friendly music management and download system.

I liked I-Tunes, but Urge caught my attention for the following reasons:

-It's perfectly integrated with Windows Media, so I don't have to have 2 seperate players going at any given time.

-For $15 a month, you get to browse and download as much music as you want. If you feel like just listening to an album without downloading it, just click it. You can hear every song in clear High-Def sound (not live streaming AM radio type sound).

- If you're a music snob you will be dissapointed. When you browse through Urge, you WILL find all of those eclectic groups and musicians you thought only you and your elitist group of friends knew about (you know... real musicians). But don't worry; you will also find a few of the "sell-outs" to smirk at, which should happily round-out your day.

I just started using the program, so I'm not too familiar with it yet. I don't know if I can burn a CD for example, but I can load the songs on to an MP3 player. There are also some groups and songs I've looked for that I have not been able to find, or that you have to pay $.99 for on top of your monthly fee. Having said that, I've found most everything I was looking for, with no extra charge.

If you like music, check it out.


Anonymous said...

Urge=a subscription service. The songs only play for as long as you pay—then they disappear. After $149.00 a year you only own the songs you buy for 99¢ (above the subscription fee). You cannot burn them to a cd (unless you buy them).
iTunes (and now iTunes Latino) gives you at least 2 free songs every week (which you own) as well as free videos (T.V. shows/special features). If you buy songs individually (at the end of a year —on the analogy of the Urge plan) you will own at least 149 songs (plus the ones you get for free each week).
iTunes also sells some good albums for $6.99, $7.99, and $9.99 which have more than 10 songs on them (sometimes around 20 or more in greatest hits type compilations). So, some songs actually come out for less than 99¢.

iTunes also works on Mac or PC.

Marquito said...

Oh Yeah???? Well.... okay.

Marquito said...

You know Al, (that is you isn't it?), I see your point. But I was thinking about it like this; I had subscribed for a year of Sirius radio, and was really disapointed because I get a lot of music that I really don't like. So as far as subscription services, if I can download as much music as I like that I can hear and download them to my MP3 and play it in my car, it beats Sirius by a longshot.

I like I-Tunes, and yes I can still use it and just buy songs when I want. So I-Tunes was a bad comparison. This is actually comparable to satelite radio. In that comparison, URGE beats them by a longshot because I get to pick the songs I want.


Anonymous said...

It depends on your budget and your appetite for music. It becomes an issue of perceived and personal value—especially if you want to listen to a whole song vs the few seconds that iTunes gives you. I imagine MS reasons that if you really like a song you will take the next step and buy it (and so at some level they get you to pay twice for the same song).

Some have seen Urge as the most serious potential threat to iTunes. Interestingly, you can't play Urge music on Microsoft's own Zune player. ¿QuĂ© es eso?

P.S. Anonymous means anonymous

Anonymous said...

~ HEY! don't mess with the Apple freaks! ok?

Marquito said...

Okay Al. I will respect your anonymity.