Friday, December 15, 2006

Great Pinochet Story - click here

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Being married to a Chilena, I've heard first hand accounts of what went on during the 1970's in the early stages of the coup against Allende (the communist leader overthrown). I also heard the stories of how things were under Allende, and they mirrored Cuba; no food, no freedom of speech, no free elections, no opportunities, a failed economy, and a dictatorship willing and ready to be as violent, if not more than, what happened under Pinochet.

The difference? When Communists murder millions, you hear very little talk about it. When it's someone else killing 10 or thousands, you never hear the end of it.

Disclaimer: I did not see this article as an apology for the Pinochet Regime's atrocities. When it comes to history, however, you always need to keep things in perspective.

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