Friday, June 30, 2006

Viernes Cultural...

...means Cultural Friday. We had a great time with our friends tonight. Viernes Cultural is held 1 Friday night each month on 8th Street (aka Calle Ocho). Artists and artisans show off their stuff, and more expensive art galleries open their doors.

We started out the evening at Casa Panza, where we enjoyed Sangria and Tapas. Here's a photo I took (trying to take the kind of cool pictures my niece Natalie takes) of the Flamenco dancers.

Later on Jose, Laura and Teresa got into the action (Jose is the one in pink shirt.. Boricua with Gallego flare).

It's nice to see that you can still have a good time in Miami. By that I mean that regular people like us can have a good time. Culture and the arts are infiltrating the smut and shallowness, slowly overcoming the plasticity that started back in the 80's. It seems like Miami may be slowly forming it's own identity. I'm not sure anyone has figured out what that identity is, but I never believed that Miami Vice, South Beach, or Cubans formed that identity (well maybe Cubans...). It's good that Miami is growing up, however slow the process. I hope it continues.

Walking down 8th, we passed the place where
Tuti and Chu (my grandfathers)
would play dominoes from time to time back
in the 70's. I snapped this picture
of El Escudo Cubano painted on the wall there.
The place looks different than what I remember
seeing as a kid.

The best part of the evening though was hanging out with friends.

I have a busy day tomorrow; a date with Racky. We're going to watch Over The Hedge, go to McDonalds, and play games (table hockey at Flippers). She has it all planned out. Just Papi and Racky... I couldn't ask for a better weekend.


Patty said...

ya know, I could use some culture on my Viernes, but, I didn't seem to get an invite...hmpf, whatever...

mami said...

have a happy sunday